Multicultural Expo 2016

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Multicultural Expo 2016


Members of the Singing Nation – Ukrainia and Russia

This annual event is organised by the Auckland Multicultural Society Inc.
It was held in Mt Eden War Memorial Hall on Dominion Road on Sunday 7th August 2016
from 12 noon to 5 pm.

This year’s Theme was Weaving Tapestry and Embroidery.

There were 20 different ethnic groups performed on the stage during the day and 17 stalls displayed Weaving
Tapestry and Embroidery from their country.

The programme was opened by our Patron the Mayor of Auckland, Mr Len Brown who led us all to sing the
National Anthem. Then he sang the famous Maori song “Po Kare Kare Ana”, after which he gave a speech
about Multicultural Auckland and the work done by our Society to promote cultural diversity in Auckland.
On the stage there were many different ethnic groups with their National costumes, which looked stunning.
Mr Peter Haynes, the chairman of Albert/Eden local Board spoke about his work in the local community and
how glad he was that the Society chose the event in his board and wished us all a successful day. An apology
was sent by Dame Susan Devoy, the Human Rights Commissioner. However she was represented by Mr
Rakish Naidu who spoke about the Human Rights Commission and the work it does. Our great supporter Miss
Melissa Lee MP spoke about her involvement with our Society over many years and spoke about the old faces
she saw among our executive committee. She urged that younger generation of our Ethnic Communities join
the AMS and take up the challenge for the future. She praised the work of the Society which continues to hold
such events to promote the cultural diversity that exists in Auckland.


Tarara Folklore Ensembles – Dalmatian Cultural Society

Our MC for the day, Chris Simpson started the show by announcing the Meadowbank Maypole Dancers. They
weaved between the poles with their ribbons in and out to make some beautiful patterns on the Maypole. This
was followed by the Singing Nation representing Ukraine and Russia. Their costumes were stunning and they
sung some beautiful Ukrainian and Russian songs.

The whole afternoon was full of enjoyable entertainment by various groups and also the some of the stall
holders were given the opportunity to explain about their stalls to everyone.
There were also three ethnic food stalls selling Middle Eastern, South American and Asian foods which were
enjoyed by all.


Folklore Chileno Latino – South America

Of particular interest to young children, was a Rainbow Rascal/Face Painting and balloons stall sponsored by
Mercury Energy. I had an opportunity to speak to some of the children whose faces were painted and they all
explained what was on their faces with delight. A number of children carrying balloons which were made into
all sorts of animal shapes. They all seemed to have a great afternoon playing with them.


Derek and Louise Williams – Welsh Society Display Stall

The whole afternoon was enjoyed by all the participant and the audience and we finished the afternnon with great dancing from the Flklore Chileno Latino. The president closed the event and extended an invitation for our 20th Lakeside Multicultural Festival for March 2017 and for the Multicultural Expo 2017 on the first Sunday of August 2017. For more details visit our website and/or contact


Society members: Ataur Rahman, Christine Caughy (daughter of our founder Catherine Caughy) Thute Kesang and Ana maria deVos
Report submitted by Thuten Kesang : Photographs by Derek Williams and Thuten Kesang